Lean on Him

November 27, 2018

Isaiah 40:8

I don’t like winter. There I said it. Especially Minnesota winter, which is a whole term in itself! Don’t get me wrong-I LOVE MINNESOTA! I love the lakes… in the summer, NOT as a glazed over frozen tundra. I love the trees and hills… in the fall, NOT after they look like a barren, colorless wave that seems to never end. I love the little green shoots that peep up, blooming brilliant colors… in the spring, NOT the leftover dead leaves from last year. I love MINNESOTA❤

But Minnesota winter never SEEMS to end. The Word of God however, NEVER ENDS! How awesome is that? It doesn’t matter if it’s been the worst day in history, or the best- the Word of God is still as true and bold as it always was. Just as it always will be. His promises are always good. He will always be there. It’s that promise that keeps me going through these somewhat dreadful Minnesota winters. He’s going to have a beautiful season on the other side of this long winter season I’m in now… THE PROMISE OF RENEWAL. GROWTH. GRACE. MERCY. LOVE. FORGIVENESS…

So no matter how long and hard your “winter” is, OR how brilliant, sunny and warm a “winter” you have, God will never forsake you. You are beautiful to Him, every good part & “bad” part of you. You are His child.

He will not condemn you. His love, mercy & compassion will encompass and carry you through. I know, as I struggle with my own overwhelming burdens right now, that THIS knowledge is what I have to keep leaning on.

Blessings, Robyn

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